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18 de Octubre de 2018

I am a foreigner and I travel to Chile

1.- From September 23, 2017, foreigners who travel to Chile and want to use their phone or other mobile device with a local SimCard, must register them in the system so that it can operate in Chile.

2.- For this, they must contact a certifying company (

3.- You will need to provide some background information on your trip to Chile, as well as other phone or device information.

4.- You can register one (1) mobile phone free of charge per year. The above is not valid for other devices.

5.- The certification company will carry out this procedure. With that the equipment will be registered and you will be able to use it with Sim Card of any mobile company of the country in the bands that your telephone or device support.

6.- It will not be possible to ensure that this telephone receives the alerts issued by the Emergency Alert System (SAE) of the National Emergency Office of Chile (ONEMI).

7.- It will not be possible to ensure that this phone is compatible with the technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) available in the different mobile companies operating in Chile.

Note: If you use your phone only in roaming mode, it is not necessary to make the above mentioned registration.