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7 de Noviembre de 2018

Administrative Registration


– In case you bought a cell phone in Chile, click here.
– Any personal cell phone purchased abroad must be registered for its use with a Chilean Sim Card.
– You have 90 days since your entrance in Chile to register your cell phone. If you are a foreigner you have 120 days since your entrance in Chile to register your cell phone.
– If your cell phone is not registered, it will be blocked 30 days afer the first use in Chile with a local Sim Card. Even after blocked it can be registered.
– One registration per year is free of charge, do not pay, .find out for the companies that do not charge to do it.
– Register on line with any of the following Certifiying Companies:

Certification Company Administrative Registration (IA)
Huawei Huawei_IA
Samsung Samsung_IA
Dekra Dekra_IA
Telconsur Telconsur_IA
LB Technology LBTechnology_IA
Apple Apple_IA
Openbits Openbits_IA
Ingeaudit Ingeaudit_IA
Kiwox Kiwox_IA
Emebe Emebe_IA
Movistar Movistar_IA
Dymeq Dymeq_IA

– You don’t need to register your personal phone and others mobiles if they’ll use roaming or wifi.
– Register your phone with the Sim Card’s company.
– Click here to ge information about the documents requested for your phone registration: click here

Others mobile devices

– If you bring into the country other mobile devices (tablets, etc.) you muest register them in case they use a Chilean Sim Card . For more information, visit the Certificators web sites.
– The registration of other mobile devices might have a cost. Compare prices to find the best fare.