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7 de Noviembre de 2018

Required Registration Documentation

In order to register a phone bought outside the country, you must provide the following documentation:

a) Image of your ID (Chilean national ID, DNI o passport).

b ) Any of the following:

i) Passport with the entry stamp dated not longer than one month. Alternatively, the image of the return ticket to Chile.

ii) Invoice o any document that prove the phone purchase. In case of phones bought on-line in stores located outside the country, won’t be considered as valid documents those that don’t give substantial proof that the device came from abroad, or the ones that relates to an intermediate levels of the commercialization chain.

c) Image of the phone’s physical IMEI which, it’s usually located on the back of the device, inside the phone o where the Sim Card must be attached. Alternatively, just dial *#06#.